Frequently Asked Questions

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I want to use your service, but I work Full-Time, can you accommodate me?

Yes. The typical home takes us about 2 hours to complete. We can arrive as early as 7:30AM or as late as 4:00PM (Spring/Summer only). We recommend our busiest customers only block off an hour or two from their schedule, as opposed to taking an entire day off. We can also work with a house sitter by completing the service, leaving an invoice, and having you mail us payment after you get home and check out the clean windows. We are also available on select Saturdays and certain after hours (5:00-7:00PM) to try and accommodate everyone. Our efficiency enables our flexibility, and we take pride in that. Contact Us, and I’m sure we can work something out.

How far in advance should I call for a future appointment?

From April 1st - July 1st and again from October 25th - December 25th we strongly suggest at least 5 or 6 days notice. May and June, along with the major US Holidays fill up very quickly too, so please call as soon as possible for those dates. Our most flexible months are January, February, March, July, August, and September.

As mentioned in the question above, our efficiency enables our flexibility and we really do take a lot of pride in that. Please don’t fail to Contact Us even if you need it done tomorrow. We are very eager to please our recurring customers, and we know that the only way to create new recurring customers is to GET IT DONE! “Call me personally; I’m sure we can work something out.” – Jonah Fanucci


How often do most people have their windows cleaned?

Traditionally windows are cleaned Spring and Fall. We suggest that a new customer has us completely clean all of their windows INSIDE and OUT the first time, and then return every 6-8 months for an OUTSIDE ONLY cleaning. Strict adherence to a twice yearly service plan will keep your windows looking even better than you could ever imagine!

However, after an initial service some homes can get away with having us clean just the outside only for the next few visits. Some homes can go 2 or more years before needing to have the inside glass cleaned again. It all depends on your personal preference and level of preferred cleanliness.

We strongly suggest that if you are only having your windows cleaned once a year to have us do a complete INSIDE and OUTSIDE cleaning in the Summer during July, August, or September.

If you don’t remember the last time they were cleaned, we still suggest our thorough INSIDE and OUTSIDE cleaning.

Are you hosting a special event at your home? We suggest scheduling a complete INSIDE and OUTSIDE cleaning the week right before your big event (party, holiday, wedding, etc.) See Below:


I'm concerned about getting my windows cleaned if rain is in the forecast?

Clean windows stay clean after a rainy day. Rain is one of the purest forms of water and once it dries, nothing is left behind to obscure your view. We have experienced this hundreds of times on the job; and we have done simple experiments to test the ability of our clean glass to stay clean after getting wet…It does!!! We cleaned the glass before our tests using the same super-solution that we use in our everyday cleaning routine. The cleaning solution is part of the secret. You can’t get this stuff at Target, WallyWorld, or even Home Depot. Our additive is purchased through an industry specific trade catalog and is made for professional grade window cleaning...It works!!!


what makes my windows dirty?

Rain doesn’t make windows dirty…dirt does!

Inside your home, airborne dust from heating and cooling systems, fingerprints, toddler and pet smudges, along with other indoor air pollutants all combine with cooking and candle residue to slowly but surely form a thin layer of haze on your window surfaces.

Outside your home contaminants such as dirt and dust blown in the wind, the mess created during lawn care, and even automotive exhaust combine with bird droppings and, worst of all, tree pollen and debris to ruin your view. Over the years, we have noticed that homes in the city (auto exhaust and air pollutants) and those with numerous mature trees (pollen and debris) had the dirtiest windows initially and needed more frequent service to stay clean.

Even with all these daunting factors, there is good news! Most homes in the suburbs don’t fall into the category of too much exhaust or too many mature trees. Having your windows cleaned by I Do Windows Inc. is a better investment than washing your car. It doesn’t need to be done every two weeks! We don’t drive our houses down the Schuylkill Expressway or the Turnpike every day !!!


My windows are treated with 3M window tinting, How do you handle these?

Be careful! Tinted windows should never be scraped with a razor blade. Also, abrasive ammonia-based cleaners like Windex should never be used. Of the dozens of homes we service each week, approximately 50% have at least some of their windows tinted. Don’t worry, we have a lot of experience with this type of situations and have the proper solutions and methods to safely and effectively clean this glass.

I have several windows with fog or moisture inside the glass, How did this happen; and can you clean it out?

This is referred to as IG or insulated glass failure. If you are experiencing this, refer to your warrantee information sooner rather than later. Reputable providers of quality glass will stand behind their products and hopefully they can help out. If they can’t, read on. The window is defective and unfortunately it is impossible for us to get inside of that sealed window to clear the fog and moisture out. We suggest replacement, and we suggest you use our "Husband For Hire". He is in the family, and has worked in residential construction for over 30 years.

Do you clean foyer chandeliers? What else can you do for my home?

Our speciallty is in window cleaning. We have always believed in doing one thing and doing it to the best of our ability. Of course, we strive to please our customers and we will absolutely clean chandeliers, but only for those customers that have their windows cleaned too. Upon special request, we will clean mirrors, mirrored walls, clean and dust chandeliers, and even put a squeegee to the exterior glass of large fish tanks. We will also check and clean gutters, but again, only for those customers that have their windows cleaned too.


Do you provide office cleaning, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, etc?

We specialize in window cleaning only, but trusted professionals in each of the above mentioned fields can be recommended.


Is this a year-round business for you; what do you do in the Winter?

Yes. “If the ground is green, we will clean. If the ground is white, we still might!“ We clean windows in homes throughout the Christmas Season and Winter. We are NOT afraid of the cold. We even offer discounts to customers willing to have us out to their home during the January and February slow season. We have also just started offering very affordable snow removal to select customers (residential only) during large snowfalls.


Window Cleaner dusting Crystal Chandelier Flourtown 19031

How do you clean second and third story windows in my home safely?

Through the use of specialized window cleaning ladders and the exploitation of single and double hung windows, we can reach and clean all the glass in your home. No window is unreachable. If the window was installed by another human, it can be reached and cleaned by the fearless crew of I Do Windows.


Do you accept Credit or Debit cards?

Yes, we accept all of the major cards using the security of PAYPAL. If you don’t have an account with them, don’t worry, you don’t need one. We just need a personal email address. After we complete a service, we can either take the card info right over the phone, or we can email you a copy of the invoice with a secure form from PAYPAL which you would fill out. We do institute a $250.00 minimum for using any card with us.

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Are you insured?

Of course! Not only are we insured, we are careful, considerate, and claim free for over 10 years!!!